A seminary has two main purposes:


1. The first purpose of a seminary is to assist individuals who have discerned a call to the priesthood.  The seminary is an important step in preparing these individuals for priestly ministry.  Time spent at the seminary is used to reaffirm an individual’s desire to serve God.  A seminary will help guide its seminarians from a state of uncertainty to a level of comfort and contentment that will aid them when making their life-long commitment to God.  This process is referred to as, “moving from discernment to decision.”  The seminary is designed to provide the seminarians with an in-depth understanding of their faith and their vocation through study, prayer, and work, which will aid them on their path toward the priesthood.         


2. The second purpose of the seminary is the “Program of Formation.”  The “Program of Formation” is designed to prepare the seminarians/candidates for ordination.  The candidates are prepared in four basic areas: Spiritual, Human, Intellectual, and Pastoral.  Each of these four areas represents an important element in the daily life and ministry of a priest.  Not only does the program prepare the candidates for their duties as priests, it also offers a window into the future by revealing the expectations of the priesthood and the spiritual and personal rewards that it will provide.     

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