Each priest acts in the person of Christ, perpetuating the ministry of Jesus who teaches, preaches, and heals.  As a result, the life of a priest is blessed with an intimate friendship with Christ.  This friendship is strengthened through personal prayer and study.  Therefore, each priest is expected to grow in his personal relationship with Christ by setting time aside to: 



On the day of his ordination, each priest makes a promise to pray the Breviary faithfully for the people of God.  The Breviary, also known as the Divine Liturgy or the Liturgy of the Hours, is a compilation of prayers of the Church, which are said five times each day and consist of readings from Sacred Scripture, Fathers and Doctors of the Church, Saints, and important documents and petitions for the needs of the Church.  As part of their life of prayer, priests are encouraged to celebrate Holy Mass each day and to reflect on Sacred Scripture on a daily basis (i.e. Lection Divina).  It is strongly recommended that each priest utilize a form of devotional prayer honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary (i.e. the rosary).  


Although the seminary is an irreplaceable experience and a well of knowledge, there is always more to learn.  No one is able to claim that they know everything about God.  As a result, the life of a priest is an ongoing study of faith, Roman Catholic traditions, Sacred Scripture, and the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Priests reserve time within their daily lives to further their knowledge and reflect on the mysteries of our faith.  It is an exciting opportunity to study and learn about the Roman Catholic faith.      

Priests rely on their personal relationship with Christ and on the presence of God in the midst of His Church.  Not only do priests administer the gifts of the Church to the people of God, but they also partake in the offerings themselves.  It is the role of a priest to faithfully offer the Holy Mass and to regularly partake in the Sacrament of Confession.  Commitment to the teachings of the Church is important in helping priests communicate and share God’s Word in a way that is easily understood and accepted among the people that he serves.

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