Spiritual Direction


In this series of podcasts Fr. Kuzma reflects on different aspects of spiritual life and ways in which we can grow in our relationship with God.  It is not only possible for us to become saints, but it is also the desire of every human heart.  May these simple reflections on spiritual life help you in getting that much closer to sanctity.



Episode 18: Our Spiritual Growth

Identifying the cause of our spiritual frustrations is an important step to finding healing. In this episode we look at how internal and external causes of our frustrations can be overcome and properly addressed.

Episode 17: How to pray well

How do you know if you are praying well?  Here are 3 helpful ideas that can help you pray.

Episode 16: Incarnational Spirituality

The essence of Christian Spirituality is to take seriously our vocation as "followers of Jesus".  In this episode we look how the incarnational choice of God to become human helps us to view humanity as a way to Christ and not as a barrier. 


Episode 15: Living with Christ

In this episode of "Spiritual Direction" Fr. Kuzma explains how imitation of Christ is not enough for a Christian.


Episode 14: The gift of peace

In this episode Fr. Kuzma reflects on the source of peace in our lives, which originates in a human heart. It is when we see ourselves as Christ sees us, that we truly find peace and joy.


Episode 13: Spiritual Maturity

In this episode of Spiritual Direction Fr. Kuzma helps us become more spiritually mature. 

Episode 12: The meaning of the Cross

When we think of the Cross of Jesus we often think of suffering.  Here is a different way of looking at the Cross based on the vision of St. Paul and the early Christians.

Episode 11: Spiritual Poverty

In this episode we reflect on the invitation of Jesus to be spiritually poor, a sure path to blessedness and joy.

Episode 10: Spiritual Optimism

Discouragement can be one of the most common obstacles in our spiritual journey. Learn how we can overcome this common roadblock in this episode of Spiritual Direction.

Episode 9: One step at a time

Jesus looks at us and sees who we are and who we are called to be. In this episode we look at a healthy way of moving towards our ultimate goal one step at a time.

Episode 8: The Practice of the Presence of God

In this episode we look at practical advise from Br. Lawrence, a 17th century monk, on how we can encounter God in the ordinary moments of our life. Learn how to improve your life by living in the presence of God always.

Episode 7: Personal Relationship

When the apostles ask Jesus to tell them something about Himself, He invites them to "Come and See". This invitation of Jesus teaches us that in order to know God we must experience Him in a personal way, we must follow Him.

Episode 6: Prayer and honesty

In this episode we look at the words of Jesus: "What do you seek?" as an invitation to encounter Him honestly in prayer. 

Episode 5: Desire for holiness

What you desire will guide your actions. Learn why our desires are important and how we can grow in desiring God and holiness.

Episode 4: Confession Advice

In this episode we look at some practical advise on how we can celebrate the Sacrament of Confession well.  Here are some do's and don'ts.

Episode 3: Letting go of sin

In this episode reflect on the reality of sin.  Before we can grow in holiness we must admit to our sinfulness and be prepared to take real steps in letting go of sin in our lives.  Here is how we can do that. 

Episode 2: Heavenly Reality

In this episode we try to address the problem of boredom at Mass.  Why is it that we may not feel as engaged and excited at Mass as we do at other events of my life?  Could it be that Mass belongs to a different reality than our own? 

Episode 1: Active Participation

In this episode we explore the importance of participating in the Sacrament of Holy Mass.  We may have heard how "active participation" is essential to the celebration of the Mass.  Learn what "active participation" means and what are the common misconceptions about its meaning.

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