Priest's random thoughts

When I was ordained a priest in the year 2005 my dreams came true: I was given the ultimate gift of serving God in a complete and radical way. Since my ordination I have been an associate pastor, a pastor, and now a vocation director. There has been much change in my life regarding the things I do, but what has remained constant is who I am, a priest of Jesus Christ. For this constancy in my identity I give thanks to God. I love being a priest just as much as I love doing priestly things. What a wonderful gift it is when being and doing come together so well. My experience as a priest has helped me to draw closer to God, and through Him, to begin to know and understand humanity much better. God has a way of doing that; in knowing Him we get to know ourselves better. May we never stop growing in our desire to know Him. Through this website I hope to share useful information regarding discerning God’s call in life. I hope and pray that it will help those who stumble upon it. I will also share some of my random thoughts and observations about things I encounter as a priest. I hope those will give some food for thought. Till next time may God bless you,

Fr. Kuzma

Vocation Director


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