Seminarians back to school

September marks new beginnings for all of us, and that includes our seminarians. Returning to the seminary after a summer full of pastoral experiences is an opportunity for seminarians to enter more deeply into the life of prayer, study, and discernment. The day in the life of a seminarian is filled up to the brim, and it can be a bit overwhelming at first, but before long it becomes a time of true blessings. What I most remember from my time at the seminary is a sense of PEACE! I remember my first year at the seminary. After leaving my friends, my girlfriend, my band, and my family I was surprised to find a great sense of peace and joy. To be surrounded by great men who were studying for the priesthood just like me, developing a relationship with God but also with other seminarians, being surrounded by faculty of priests and lay professors who shared their faith with me so intimately and clearly, all these were channels of God's PEACE! I pray that our seminarians will experience that same peace.


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