Does the Church in Canada want priests?

I just came back from the National Conference of Diocesan Vocation Directors which gathers over 200 Diocesan Vocation Directors from the English speaking countries around the world. This year we met in St. Louis, Missouri, with record number of participants: 275 vocation directors from the United States, Australia, England, Ireland, and Canada. The goal of these conferences is to pray, share, and learn the best ways of engaging in the important ministry of vocation work in our perspective dioceses. Canada was represented by 15 vocation directors, from Vancouver, Prince George, London, Hamilton, Toronto, Peterborough, Montreal, Quebec City, and St. Jerome (QC). Even though Canadians are the minority of those participating, our numbers are growing, along with the excitement surrounding this important ministry in the Church. I walked away knowing that our Canadian Church wants priests, and is continuing to invest in vocation ministry throughout our country. Let us pray that God may bless our efforts.


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