A Religious Vocation is a special grace given by God to an individual, which calls this individual into a life of Evangelical counsels.  Those called to become brothers, sisters, or priests within religious communities profess vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. 


There are many different religious communities for both men and women, and each of these communities is associated with a special charism or mission within the Church.  For example, some religious communities center themselves around aiding the poor while others specialize in generating help for the education system or health care.  Therefore, it is important to understand which societal role and ministry a religious community supports when choosing a religious community.

​In addition to aiding the community, these individuals are blessed with the support of living within a community of men or women who motivate one another toward the same common goal of religious life.  They often pray, eat, and work as a community, finding strength and support among one another.   

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